Gentleness in Motion

Founder Mitch Freistat

A slow-moving, deep breathing, healthy stretching program to promote physical and spiritual well being

Gentleness in Motion connects clients body, mind and spirit through movement and meditation. A wonderful, spiritual and physical journey. Physically the movements stretch every muscle group and move every joint in the body to keep you feeling young, flexible and renewed. The movements come from the martial arts or yoga.

Spiritually, Gentleness in Motion is a static or moving meditation. For Christians, it is meditation on scripture. There are also several other meditations used in Gentleness in Motion to connect the mind to the body. We clear the mind, work on mind body connection with the breath and use visualization to go anywhere in our minds that we desire.

By the beach, in a classroom, a business office, in an assisted living facility or in the privacy of your home


 Groups – Corporations – Senior Centers – Assisted Living Facilities – Pre-Schools

Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties or Online

Please let me know what you think

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