Taking The Gentleness In Motion Course Is One of the Best Decisions You’ll Ever Make!

Are You Ready To Begin A Journey That Will Transform Your Life? Good! Then you’re in the right place!

Welcome to Gentleness in Motion Online where learning online is easy, fun, affordable, and most of all, life transforming

Now you can achieve physical and spiritual growth online in the comfort of your own training space and during the times that best fit your schedule.

The Time Has Come… Modern technology continues to evolve at a remarkable rate. In fact, the tools and resources needed to properly teach martial arts online have only been available for a few short years. However, through recent advancements, distance learning is something that is becoming more and more commonplace. The time has finally come in which we can bring you quality online lessons that are equal to, and even perhaps superior to in some ways, the traditional ways of training. This is especially true with our Martial Arts Online Course where you will have instant access to quality instructional videos, live interactive private classes and rank specific training that will lead you step by step toward your goal of Black Belt in Gentleness in Motion!

Individualized Lessons and Instruction… Each lesson is specifically designed with certain goals in mind depending on the techniques you’re developing. This attention to personal detail is not always available in the traditional martial arts school where there may be a dozen or more different students with different goals and needs. No more worrying about not getting enough ‘mat’ time in because you can view the lessons as many times as needed until you’re confident in the skill you’re mastering.

Why Join Gentleness in Motion Online?

  • Earn a Black Belt in Gentleness In Motion
  • Life Transforming
  • Family Activity
  • Fun
  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Comfort of your own Home or Location
  • Humane, Liability Focused, Traditional and Self Defense
  • 104 Bible Studies to Black Belt
  • 104 Spiritual Weapons (memory verses) to Black BeltIndividual Technique, Practice Drills, Self-Defense and Fruit of the Spirit Instructional Videos to Black Belt
  • Grow in your Faith
  • Grow in your Knowledge of the God
  • Grow in the Gift of Speaking the Word of God or Prophecy

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